Life At King's During Covid-19

What's happening during the Covid-19 crisis


We are temporarily suspending all events that were due to be held at our building until the Government considers it safe for us resume gathering together.

For the latest information from King’s, please subscribe to our news email or see our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are also posting videos with updates and encouragements on our YouTube channel.

This is an unprecedented time but we have been planning for how to love God and our neighbours. We confidently believe that God’s Word is never restricted, even when we are (2 Timothy 2:9).

Online church services

Every Sunday at 10.30am we will be live streaming a Sunday services via our YouTube channel.

Here’s how you can get ready to take part:

  • If you’re using a smartphone, smart TV or tablet, you should be able to download YouTube’s app to your device to make things run most smoothly.
  • Share that this is happening with people you know – whether they’re a Christian or not they will be blessed by tuning in.
  • Once a month we’ll be taking communion together, so have some bread and wine/juice ready for that moment (See the news email and social media for updates).

Here’s what usually happens:

  • The live stream will begin at 10.30am.
  • We’ll have a time of sung worship, with the song words appearing on the screen.
  • Prophetic contributions and words of encouragement will continue to be part of our meetings, so whoever is leading the service will give you an email address to send these to.
  • We will take time to pray, led by different members of King’s each week.
  • There will be a sermon based on the Bible.
  • We expect to finish by 11.30am.

Small groups

As usual, small groups are our first point of pastoral care. Our small groups will continue to meet – but again this will happen online. Each group is working out the best way to make this happen and we’ve had many creative responses. Some groups meet for coffee and chat before or after our Sunday services, and all meet during the week as well.

You can still join a small group at this time: visit our Small Groups page or contact Chris Rawson for more information.

Email Chris

King's Kids

King's Kids

We're producing material for our Kids to use, and we have a special Facebook group for their responsible adults, as well as running "Parenting For Faith"

Email Rachel Fleming


Youth small group is meeting online on Mondays, and we've set up prayer triplets and a deeper study group. There's also lots of social media encouragement

Email Gemma Morton


Many of our students have returned home but we're keeping in touch with all of them and the student summer small group will happen online every week

Email Nathanael Smith


The New Testament church cared for its members, especially in times of crisis. One of the great examples of this was a man known as Barnabas who “sold a field that belonged to him and brought the money and laid it at the apostles’ feet” for it to be given to any in the church who were in need (Acts 4:34-37).

We want to help those in King’s who are going through financial hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic and its aftermath. To do this we are setting up The Barnabas Account to provide emergency financial assistance. The account will be made up from donations by members of King’s, with a small initial amount coming from the church’s current savings.

You can read all about it in this document. You can give to it right now.

Give to Barnabas Account

Caring for those in need



Telephone an isolated person, or send them a card, with ongoing support from our team

Email Befrienders
Safe Families

Safe Families

Give virtual support to vulnerable families through phone/video calls, or drop off basic food supplies

Basics Bank

Basics Bank

The Bruntsfield Basics Bank is still able to take donations of food and toiletries

Shopping list
Homeless people

Homeless people

Volunteers are still being welcomed by Bethany Christian Trust to cook meals for the Night Shelter