Leadership training for Newfrontiers churches in Scotland

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Let’s Grow!

We want our churches to be places of growth:
– Personal growth, as we become more like Jesus.
– Numerical growth, as people are brought into God’s kingdom.
– Geographical growth, as we reach more of Scotland with the gospel, particularly through planting more churches.

For these things to happen we need many people taking responsibility in our churches: men and women who are growing in their knowledge of God and His ways, in the skills they need to make things happen, and in their character to serve as God intends.

Grow is an ongoing training programme for anyone leading in church life. Whether you’ve just been asked to start helping with something, or you’ve been leading for decades, we believe that Grow will do you good – and those around you.

The Two Elements of Grow

Grow Together

Grow Together

Saturdays 29th Oct, 28th Jan, 29th Apr

Grow Together will be for everyone who is on the course from across Scotland to gather in one place for a day of teaching and discussion, worship and ministry.
These will be powerful moments of unity as we get to know people from other churches, learning together and blessing each other.

The topics in Year 1 will be:
- God's grace in your life and leadership
- Understanding and sharing God’s good design for gender and sex
- Leadership faith

Grow Local

Grow Local

Various times across Scotland

You'll meet three times a year with the people from your own church to talk about applying teaching that will have been sent to you in advance on video. We’ll arrange people into groups with a variety of leadership experience in them, and we hope that this will create mutually-encouraging relationships that go beyond the Grow settings.

The topics in Year 1 will be:
- Knowing and leading with God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
- Visionary leadership
- Leading yourself and leading others

Practicalities and getting signed-up

Entry for each year will be open at the start of the autumn term. The deadline for Year One is Sunday 18th September 2022.

The cost for a year’s training is just £60. Subsidies are available if paying that much, or paying it all at once, is a challenge for you: please select that payment option when signing up and contact one of the elders at your church to discuss it.

The dates for Grow Together are Saturdays 29th October, 28th January, 29th April. These will be held at King’s Church Edinburgh.

The dates for Grow Local will be decided by each church individually. For those at King’s Church Edinburgh, the dates are Fridays 23rd September, 25th November, 10th March.

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