Seeing young people equipped and released to go on an adventure with God


All activities in our building are currently suspended. You can find out what we’re doing during the crisis on our page, “Life at King’s during Covid-19”. For more information about how we’re supporting young people at this time, please contact Gemma Morton.

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We want to help young people to build strong foundations and discover their identity in Christ.

We meet together for Bible study and to work out what it looks like to follow God, we have socials so friendships can grow, we provide opportunities for young people to join a Sunday serving team, we worship and pray together, and we love to see youth being discipled in groups and one-to-one relationships.









Sunday mornings

We stay in the worship service until the notices are being given (about half-way through), then have our own activities which are a mix of fun conversations, Bible discussions, and prayer.


Youth Small Group

Every Monday in termtime, 6.30-8.30pm, we meet in the church building for food and deeper chat than on a Sunday.


Once a month after the morning meeting we have a social, such as a bonfire on a nearby beach, worship jam session, or a barbecue.








Special events

We love joining with other youth and churches…

Powerpoint is Scotland’s largest intercity church youth event. It brings together secondary school-age youth from different church backgrounds. Powerpoint events are a great opportunity for young people to learn about Jesus and unite in worship with their friends. We get a group of young people and leaders going along together each time and often get to see friends we have made from other churches there at the same time!

The Connections Youth Weekend Away happens every February. We join with other Newfrontiers churches from across Scotland for a weekend of building community and friendship, worshipping our Lord, and equipping young people to live their lives for Jesus. We play lots of games, make videos, laugh a lot, learn more about God, pray for and encourage one another and eat tasty food! Next year’s date: 19-21 February 2021.

Newday Festival is a week-long Christian youth event in Norfolk attended by thousands of young people from across the UK. There are café areas and loads of sports, games, music and creative arts.  Twice a day everyone gathers in a massive tent to worship God and hear some relevant teaching that teaches young people (and leaders!) what it means to be a Christian, and there are lots of focused seminars too.


Hub104 is a weekly, free and volunteer-run youth cafe for secondary school students at Boroughmuir High School and the local area. We create a safe, fun and welcoming space for teenagers on Friday afternoons, where anyone of secondary school age can come to relax, socialise and play games after a week at school. Each week there’s an opportunity to discuss the Christian faith, but mostly we’re just here to let the young people be themselves and enjoy an afternoon of video games, group activities, pool, pizza, milkshakes and good conversation.

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