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Action Stations

Action Stations

The story of Nehemiah is all about the rebuilding of God’s city and the actions taken by God’s people. As we enter a new season as a church, we want to be inspired about the “great work” that God has called us to (Nehemiah 6:3), so each week we’ll look at a different action mentioned in the book that we think is important for kingdom life today.

September 5, 2021 | Luke Davydaitis

Our new series started by looking at why a large gathering of people is the climax of the story of Nehemiah, and a vital part of God’s purposes for church life today.

Gathering - Small Group Notes

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September 12, 2021 | Dan Hudson

When the people rebuilding Jerusalem faced growing opposition, Nehemiah called them to form small communities that could work together and fight for one another, and so achieve what God had set out for them. In this message from an all-age service, Dan shows us how committing to and engaging with small groups in our church community are just as important today.

Why Small Community Matters - Small Group Notes

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September 19, 2021 | Luke Davydaitis

Nehemiah was a man of action but also a person of prayer whom we can learn much from. His big and little prayers in the first two chapters of the book give us models for speaking to the God who loves to hear and answer our prayers.