This Coming Kingdom

This Coming Kingdom

What is the Kingdom of God? What does it look like for followers of Jesus to live for that Kingdom in day to day life? How do we resolve the conflict we feel of a Kingdom that we have already experienced but is also yet to come in it’s fullness? In This Coming Kingdom we explore the answers to these questions from the stories Jesus told to illustrate the Kingdom of God, known as Parables. Each parable has a simple and sometimes surprising learning point for us to consider.

September 8, 2019 | Dan Hudson

Dan starts our evening meeting series “This Coming Kingdom” by talking about how the Kingdom of God is a tension between future certainty and the weakness of small beginnings; as Christians we live our lives in that tension.

September 15, 2019 | Jess Robinson

Through three parables in Luke 15, Jesus shows us that everyone has incredible value and worth. Jesus is the only one who rescues the lost, and He takes such joy in doing it.

September 22, 2019 | Hannah Kelly

Here Hannah speaks on the parable of the hidden treasure and how it reminds us that Jesus is the ultimate treasure, for which we should give up everything else. We were reminded to do so not in a way that counts the cost, but instead with great joy at the fact that we have the greatest treasure.

September 29, 2019 | Chris Rawson

Jesus’ parable in Matthew 20 shows us that the Kingdom of God is an undeserved gift from a compassionate King. It is a Kingdom of grace, from first to last.

October 6, 2019 | Dara Oyewole

The Parable of the 10 bridesmaids talks of the Kingdom of Jesus that has not yet come, and warns us to be ready for when it arrives. Dara talks about how we can be ready, and that it is the Holy Spirit who helps us with this.

October 13, 2019 | Dan Hudson

Dan speaks on the parable of the unforgiving servant and reminds us that just as Jesus has shown us mercy and grace in forgiving us, so too must we display that to others and forgive them.

October 20, 2019 | King's Church

Having a correct view of God and of ourselves are vital ingredients if we are to bear fruit in this coming Kingdom.