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"I will make you my own people and I will be your God"

Exodus 6: 7 (International Children's Bible)
Old Testament Stories

Hi Parents! For the next few weeks we’re going to be spending some time in the old testament with our youngest kids, reading some great stories together and exploring what they mean for us.

We’ll be using the Jesus Storybook Bible as our main resource and following the ‘chat and catch’ model developed by Parenting for Faith (more information on this available here).

You might already use this or another storybook Bible regularly, perhaps at bedtime, so the activities suggested here aim to help you and your toddler have fun with the story and to play a little, in addition to simply reading the story.

Week 7: God to the Rescue

Read the story

 Jesus Storybook Bible, page 84

or watch this video:

(Note there’s a craft activity and a memory verse activity included after the story in this video!)

Frame it

This is a hugely significant story for Christians, but it can also be quite scary for small children – the vivid images of the river of blood and the death of the eldest child are scary! Children might need reassurance.

It might be helpful to talk to your children about what we can learn about the character of God from this story – how he fights for the apparently weak and unimportant, how he is always faithful to his promises.


 Encourage your child to chat to God about who he is, perhaps they could ask what God loves to do?


Spend a few minutes sitting quietly, catching from God with your whole body.


While storybook Bibles and cartoon Bible stories are great, it’s also great to speak the words of scripture over our children.

If child is still willing to sit and listen, read a Bible verse now, if not, try saying it at mealtimes, before bed, during even a nappy change! (Or all of these) This will help your children see how you revere the words of scripture, as well as drip-feeding them these beautiful truths.