Share Life

Helping people who know Jesus tell others about Him

Share Life

The Share Life course gives some simple tools to help every Christian introduce others to the wonderful good news of Jesus in practical ways that are realistic for all kinds of people.

Share Life is for anyone and everyone who knows Jesus, and especially for:

  • Those who feel slightly awkward about the idea of speaking about Jesus to people who do not know Him.
  • Those who do not see themselves as evangelists, but who want to learn more about speaking about Jesus to others.
  • Those who enjoy speaking about Jesus to those who do not know Him – and are open to learn to do so more effectively.

You can download the participants’ guide here and watch the four sessions below:

  • 1. Connecting with their story
  • 2. Knowing our story
  • 3. Sharing God’s story
  • 4. Choosing a life full of stories

Please follow this link for a questionnaire to help you recognise how you most naturally tell others about Jesus.